Internet crime creates insecurities and financial losses

The political parties and private servers are not the only computer networks that are being hit by cyber terrorists and hackers. Major business conglomerates are also subject to getting attacked and robbed of data. In addition, even large agencies of the federal government such as the Office of Personnel Management have been hit by internet crime and relieved of vital data on their employees. With many hackers focusing on government centers around the capital, Maryland figures to get a higher number of attacks than other states.

Bank robberies no longer have to be carried out by using getaway cars, guns and physical disguises. They can be computerized and automated from the comfort of the criminal's home office. One of the most pernicious patterns of criminality has been perpetrated against hospitals. Medical personnel have found their computers frozen up, along with a friendly ransom note promising to leave the institution alone upon the payment of a ransom.

The companies that contribute to running the internet itself are now being targeted. They are being evaluated, through focused hit and run attacks, to see how vulnerable they are to a more massive aggression. In addition, most people are fed up with stories about emails pertaining to the Democratic National Committee and the stolen data being released by WikiLeaks.

This network of cyber criminals caused major disruption to internet functioning in the United States in October. Companies throughout the country, from Maryland to California, were offline for extended times. Besides the financial pillaging that is done with the data stolen, the rogue operators of this internet crime have caused personal trauma, embarrassment and even suicides by probing into people's personal lives and then mercilessly publishing the highly confidential material. In the months and years ahead the internet must develop a plan of self-governance that will assure a safe and secure platform for the world.

Source:, "Has the internet become a failed state?", John Naughton, Nov. 27, 2016


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